The craft I am sharing today was so easy to make but it has been one of my favorite Valentine crafts that I have done this year. It is a Valentine’s Day keychain. A couple of weeks ago I bought these wood keychains just because I thought they were cute and I figured they would make a great craft. I also figured it would make a good little kindness gift, something to give to someone who might need a little pick me up.

Disclosure: Post contains affiliate links, read my full disclosure HERE.How to Make a Valentine's Day Keychain This Valentine’s Day keychain was super easy to make and didn’t require many supplies. The supplies I used were:

The first thing I did was remove the keychain ring from the wood heart.valentine keychain supplies When I did my first keychain I used glue to stick on my scrapbook paper. But when I did another one I just used my Mod Podge. So it is up to you, they both work great. Just make sure to apply it with a foam brush to avoid any adhesive bumps.add glue to keychain After applying the glue to my wood heart I placed my paper on top and smoothed it out.add scrapbook paper to keychain Next I flipped it over to cut off any excess paper. cut off excess paper I used a Cricut craft knife and a cutting mat to protect my surface but you can also use scissors. Then I used my hole punch to remove the paper from the keychain hole.punch hole through keychain  Next I added the keychain ring back and applied Mod Podge to the top of the keychain. seal off with mod podge As you can see it really is so easy to make this Valentine’s Day keychain. The longest part was waiting for the Mod Podge to dry. How to Make a Valentine's Day Keychain A great thing about this is it’s very budget friendly and customizable. The keychain cost $1 for 4 of them which also makes them great to pass out at school to classmates for Valentine’s Day.

If you intend on making these what do you plan to do with them? Pass them out as kindness gifts, have your kids pass them out at school, or use on your own keys?How to Make a Valentine's Day Keychain

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