Birthday Celebration at Great Wolf Lodge

April has quite a bit of birthday celebrations in my family. But today I will be sharing my son’s birthday celebration at Great Wolf Lodge. We had so much fun that we were still exhausted 2 days after. We can not wait to go back!

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ROOM DECORATED FOR A BIRTHDAY CELEBRATION AT GREAT WOLF LODGE (some of the items linked are items I found closest to what I used):

Great Wolf Lodge does offer birthday packages that include some fun stuff but I decided to bring my own decorations. I’m pretty sure it is the last year my son will choose character theme decorations so I couldn’t pass them up (insert ugly crying face here).

He chose Avengers and I only bought decorations that would cause no damage to the room. Like these fan decorations that I just leaned against the wall. For dinner he wanted pizza and wings so the Avenger plates and napkins were a good thing to bring along.

I bought some plain blue gift bags at Dollar Tree and filled them up with some candy, temporary tattoos, and swimming goggles. I also placed their wolf passes in the party favor bags. Adding an Avengers logo to each bag tied it into the theme.

I inflated some Avenger balloons and placed them on my bed as well as on their bunk beds.


The wolf pass was such a great deal in my opinion. Besides my 2 boys I also took my nephew along for the birthday celebration at Great Wolf Lodge and this pass kept them very much entertained. The wolf pass does have a expiration date so be mindful of that.

One of the activities included in the wolf pass is a game of bowling. We did the bowling the next day after we checked out because the night before it was pretty packed.

My birthday boy enjoying the bowling game.

Another activity included in the wolf pass was mini golf. Not just any kind of mini golf, but this neon type of setting. It was really cool.

Also included was MagiQuest where they give you a wand and you explore some of the resort through an adventure quest.

Now let me give you our opinion on this and tell you how it went for us. My boys and nephew are ages 11, 13, and 14. Although they found it fun and interesting at the beginning it quickly became too repetitive for them (and myself). We also thought it was too long. We didn’t end up finishing it. But since it is included in the wolf pass I still think it is a cool thing to do even if we didn’t finish it.


Now onto where we spent the majority of our time the water park. The day that we arrived we quickly went up to our room and while the boys changed into their water clothes I decorated the room and set it up real quick. Once we were all ready we headed down to the water park and stayed there until they almost closed. The next day even though we checked out we were still allowed to stay and enjoy the water park again. We just put our luggage in the car and rented a locker so we could put our day clothes and phones inside.

These slides are what we enjoyed the most. We had such a blast going on them and laughed every time we were on those rafts. Such amazing memories were made here.

This was pretty much how our birthday celebration at Great Wolf Lodge went and we can not wait to go back. On the night that we stayed we went out to go buy Dominos because that was my birthday boys request and got this view of the Disneyland fireworks from the parking structure.

As I just mentioned we went out and got Dominos for dinner and prior to arriving to Great Wolf Lodge we also grabbed something to eat. Then the day after for breakfast we just reheated pizza left overs because we didn’t want it to go to waste. The fact that my boys always wanted to eat out we never actually tried the food at the resort so I have no opinions on that. Online you can see the resorts menus which can help you make a decision whether you want to eat there or go out to grab something to eat. There are many restaurants in the area that give you a variety of food options.

Have you ever stayed at a Great Wolf Lodge resort or wanted to?

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