Easter basket tag

I am so excited to be back and sharing this Easter basket tag. This craft is very similar to my Valentine keychain but with a small twist. You only need a couple of supplies to make this adorable Easter basket tag. It also only takes a couple of steps to create.

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Easter basket tag A couple of weeks ago I was at Dollar Tree and I saw bunny shaped wood ornaments. I immediately knew that I wanted to turn them into Easter basket tags.



The first thing I did was grab one of the wooden bunny ornaments and coated one side with the mod podge.add layer of mod podge to tag Next, I placed my scrapbook paper on top of the mod podge. I used my brayer to make sure the paper adhered on real good. add paper to tag Then I turned over the bunny ornament and used my craft knife to remove the excess paper.cut excess paper After I cut off the excess I added another layer of mod podge on top to seal the paper.
mod podge paper to tag Once the mod podge completely dried I used my super small punch hole punch to remove the paper over the ornament hole. If you do not have a hole punch that would work for this you can use your craft knife. Another thing I did once the mod podge dried was add a name with vinyl. add name to tag The last thing I needed to add was twine. I used the twine to tie it to the Easter basket. tie twine to tag I love how this turned out. Let me know in the comments if you plan on making a similar Easter basket tag.Easter basket tag

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