A s’more kit can be a great little thoughtful gift to give to someone. It can be a sweet neighbor gift, teacher gift, or even a party favor for a Summer kick off party.

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How to Make a S'more Kit Me and my boys love to light up a bon fire and just hang out while either watching a movie on our movie projector or listening to music. The go to snack for them is always s’mores. These ingredients are always in my pantry for this very reason. So for me it is very easy to whip up a s’more kit to give as a sweet gift to someone. The great thing about this gift is that it is very budget friendly and easy to assemble.

Supplies (some of the items linked are items I found closest to what I used):

kit supplies

How to Make a S’more Kit

I started by adding four marshmallows to a skewer stick. Then I placed them inside a clear cellophane bag and tied it off.
add marshmallows to a skewer Next, I taped 2 pieces of candy to another skewer stick.tape candy to a skewer After that I just had to assemble the s’more kit. When assembling the kit I first added the graham cracker pack then the other items. Adding the crackers first helped support the candy and marshmallows. I also added red baker’s twine to the fry box to add a little detail to it. assemble kit Next, I added paper shreds into the open spaces. Doing this helps make it look complete. Finally I finished it off by adding this cute s’more lunch note to the front of the fry box. I hope this inspires you to create your own s’more kit.add paper shreds

Do you enjoy making s’mores?How to Make a S'more Kit

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