Y’all I have been wanting to make this sign for so long (in other themes) and just did not get around to it until now. It’s June so I figured a hello Summer sign would be perfect.

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Hello Summer sign supplies I used (some items might be similar to what I used):


How to make this DIY reverse canvas sign:

1. Remove the canvas from the frame. I did it by using my craft knife to cut it off from the back. Then I pulled off any excess canvas from the staples. I also left the staples on since they won’t be seen. remove canvas from frame 2. Add some brown acrylic paint to a small bowl and add a little water then mix it. Then brush it onto the frame and wipe away any excess paint. This works as a sort of stain.paint frame 3. While the frame dries you can started on the canvas. Cut off the edges of the canvas along the creased lines. Then use yellow acrylic paint to paint the center of the canvas. paint canvas 4. Cut out your hello Summer iron on decal with your Cricut Explore 3.cut out decal 5. Weed out the excess iron on from your decal.weed out decal 6. Once the paint on the canvas is completely dry you can use your Cricut EasyPress 2 to iron on the decal to the canvas.iron on decal 7. Once cooled you can remove the carrier sheet from the canvas.remove carrier sheet 8. Hot glue the completed canvas to the back of the frame.glue canvas back to frame You can now put your hello Summer sign in your house. Another way to display it is by adding string or ribbon to the back and hanging it.

If you like this hello Summer sign please share it with others so they can enjoy the tutorial too. And, if it inspired you to create one make sure to show me how it turned out. Happy crafting!How to make a hello summer sign

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