My youngest son loves to read so I decided to make him a gaming reading pointer. This reading pointer will help him keep his place while reading. I decided to make it gaming theme because he also loves videos game. I figured it was a good combo.

Disclosure: Post contains affiliate links, read my full disclosure HERE.reading pointer Like I mentioned my son enjoys video games which is why I made it this theme but there are so many different designs in Cricut Design Space that you can choose just about any theme to fit your child’s interests.

Supplies for the Reading Pointer (some supplies might be similar to what I actually used):

Cricut Joy and reading pointer

Easy Directions:

1. Cut out your pointer pieces with the Cricut Joy.cut out image with the Cricut Joy 2. Glue the gaming pointer pieces together.glue pieces together 3. Add hot glue to a small top portion of the popsicle glue on popsicle stick 4. Place you pointer piece on top of the hot glue. I set my little gaming piece in a diagonal way to use the corner as the pointer on hot glue The gaming reading pointer is complete. Such an easy craft and I think it is also a good way to motivate a child that might not enjoy reading as much.use pointer to not lose reading place I also have this free reading log printable that is perfect to print out for Summer reading. My oldest son isn’t too fond of reading so I use this printable to help motivate him to read more. After completing a certain amount of reading I give him a small prize. Even though he is 14 years old this still helps motivate him to read.Free reading log printable If you enjoyed this easy craft share it with a friend so they too can enjoy it. Happy crafting! Oh and if you make your own make sure to share it with me over on Instagram I would love to see it.How to Make a Reading Pointer

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