This Halloween season I’ve been making a couple of small decorations to either put on the kitchen tier tray or in my craft area. The craft project I am sharing today is another one of those decorations. I made a small ghost pillow that I seriously whipped up in about 10 minutes or less.

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I ended up putting these small pillows in my craft area. One ghost pillow is on my work table and the other in my supplies cart. I love looking at them and my dog loves them too haha. She is always trying to get the one from my supplies cart.

Ghost Pillow supplies I used:

The first thing I did was cut out the ghost shape with my Cricut Maker and Cricut rotary blade. When I chose my cutting material in Cricut Design Space I did change the pressure setting to more. I alsonised the Cricut fabric cutting mat instead of my usual stand grip mat.

Once I cut out two pieces of the ghost I sewed them together. But, I left an opening so I can put in the Fairfield World Poly-Fil. When I was stuffing the ghost pillow I used a stick to move around the stuffing. I did this to make sure the pillow was evenly stuffed. Next, I sewed the opening closed. Finally, I took two pieces of black felt that I had cut into ovals and hot glued them on as eyes.Do you enjoy sewing? Let me know in the comments below. Happy crafting!

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