Today I am sharing another Halloween treat bag. Earlier I shared these felt party favors and these bat envelopes. I love how those turned out but had another idea in mind. A while ago I made a kindness tote bag that I wanted to re-do for Halloween. The Halloween tote bag is really easy to make and I love the handle detail.

Disclosure: Post contains affiliate links, read my full disclosure HERE.halloween tote bag The ribbon I used for the handles was bought at Dollar Tree. As soon as I saw it I knew they would make cool handles for a Halloween tote bag. I love that the ribbon is a die cut type of ribbon, pretty unique. This project is another budget friendly one. The material I used for the tote bag is Oly Fun which is budget friendly.  I began by cutting two pieces of Oly Fun. The size I cut them out was 4 inches in height and 5 inches in width. Each tote bag will need two pieces.  Next, I sewed the ribbon handles onto the Oly Fun fabric that I cut out. Each piece gets a handle sewn in on what will be the inside of the Halloween tote bag.  Then I sewed 3 sides of the tote bag. I begin sewing with the tote bag pieces being inside out.  When I finish sewing I cut off the bottom corner pieces to have a cleaner look when I flip the bag out. Once I flip the bag out it is done. Now I just need to fill it up with some Halloween treats. I add candy and non-candy items like a mini yoyo, pin, temporary tattoo, vampire teeth, and a spider ring. halloween tote bag The size that I made this tote bag will hold more stuff than the other treat holders I shared earlier. I wanted to share size variety to give you ideas depending on the amount of treats you would like to add. Happy crafting!Halloween tote bag

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