Every year I host a pumpkin carving/painting party for my sons and my best friends kids. I usually make trophies to give the kids at the end of the night. Dollar Tree is always my first stop when planning this pumpkin party. Here is where I found the items that I needed to make this Halloween trophy.

Disclosure: Post contains affiliate links, read my full disclosure HERE.Budget Friendly Halloween Trophy It’s always such a fun night when we have the pumpkin party. We always start by going to the pumpkin patch and having all the kids choose their pumpkins. We then head back and they begin to work on their pumpkins while enjoying some food and desserts. My best friend is the one who makes the treats and I do the decorations. Along with the decorations I also make the trophies.

To make this Halloween trophy I used:

 I started by hot gluing two sets of five jenga pieces. I then hot glued the two sets together to make a sort of platform. Next, I painted the platform with some basic black acrylic paint.  When the paint dried I hot glued the skeleton onto the platform.  Now you can leave the Halloween trophy as is or you can do what I did and add a 1st place piece. I used my Cricut Joy to cut out a 1st place die cut from cardstock.  I used a layered image to make my 1st place piece and glued the two paper pieces with tacky glue. I then hot glued that to the front of my Halloween trophy. If you don’t want to use a die cut machine for the number piece Dollar Tree has other options. Dollar Tree has number paper die cuts, number stickers, as well as number wood pieces.   The skeleton garland from Dollar Tree comes with four skeletons so you can easily make four trophies. Do you host a pumpkin carving party or a costume party? Let me know in the comments down below. Happy crafting!

Budget Friendly Halloween Trophy

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