A couple of weeks ago I was at the 99 Cents Store and saw a sign that was on clearance for 90% off. I picked it up and knew I wanted to convert into a Happy Halloween sign. It was super easy to achieve this Halloween sign look.

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This is what the sign looked like originally. It was a Hello Spring sign with a piece of aluminum on there to mimick a flower pot.

The first thing I did was remove that aluminum piece. Then I used a piece of sand paper to smooth out the edges where I removed the aluminum. Next, I added 2 coats of black acrylic paint.While the paint was drying I used my Cricut Explore 3 to cut out some Cricut glitter iron-on. I just searched up Halloween quotes on Cricut Design Space and found one I liked.After my Cricut Explore 3 cut out the iron-on I weeded out the pieces I didn’t need.I used my Cricut EasyPress Mini to adhere the Cricut glitter iron-on to my sign. I used it on a high setting and just made sure to keep moving my Cricut EasyPress Mini. I did this for appromimately 30 seconds. Then I just had to remove the carrier sheet from my sign. When taking it off  you will see if the iron-on didn’t stick somewhere. If that happens just put the carrier sheet back down and go over it again with the Cricut EasyPress Mini.And, just like that my Happy Halloween sign is finished. Do you like turning clearance finds into something else? Let me know in the comments.

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