It’s gift giving season so right now is the perfect time to gift yourself a Cricut mug press if you don’t already have one. Once you have your very own Cricut mug press you can use it to customize mugs to give as gifts to your friends and family.

Disclosure: Post contains affiliate links, read my full disclosure HERE. To customize the mugs along with the help of the Cricut mug press you will use the Cricut infusible ink transfer sheets or the infusible ink pens. For the project I am sharing with you today I am using the infusible ink transfer sheets. I cut out the Christmas image from the infusible ink sheet. Another machine I used to help with the customization was my Cricut Joy. Things to remember: mirror your image and place your sheet ink side up and shiny side down.  After I cut out my image I removed the pieces that I did not need just like if it was iron on vinyl or adhesive vinyl. After I removed all the unwanted pieces I was left with my Christmas image. This one was a little intricate because of the size so it took a little while to remove the pieces but it was so worth it. Next, I used a lint roller to clean off any debris from the Cricut mug I then placed down my Christmas image. I made sure to tape down all sides of the image with heat resistant tape. I turned on my Cricut mug press it took about 5 minutes to pre-heat. Once it beeped to let me know it was ready to use I lifted the lever. Next I placed my mug inside and put down the lever. It took a couple of minutes to press but once it finished it made another beeping noise. I carefully removed it from the Cricut mug press and placed it on top of my Cricut EasyPress mat. Be very careful because the mug handle can be hot. I let my mug sit on the Cricut EasyPress mat for about 15 minutes to let it cool down. Once cooled I removed the taped and the carrier sheet. Some pieces were left behind but they easily came off. And, now the Christmas mug is ready. I love how it turned out. It can be washed or put in the dishwasher. The infusible ink makes it long lasting. I hope this has inspired you to customize your very own mugs. If you do make one make sure to share it with me over on Instagram.

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