Need something to help keep fresh this Summer. Well let me show you how to craft up this fun Summer watermelon fan.

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Summer Watermelon Fan

In 5 super easy steps you can create this Summer watermelon fan. And 3 of those steps is cutting just different color foam.

Summer watermelon fan supplies:

Summer Watermelon Fan suppliesThe first 3 steps consist of cutting out the craft foam. First cut out the green foam into like a half circle. Then cut out the red craft foam. Cut that one smaller than the green one. Then finally cut out the black craft foam into little seed looking pieces.add foam seeds to red foamNext hot glue the red piece on top of the green one.

glue foam pieces togetherThen you will need to glue the little fake seeds to the red craft foam.

glue foam pieces togetherThe final step is to hot glue the craft stick to the back of the craft foam. The craft sticks I used already come painted so I went ahead and chose a green one to match the green foam.

glue stick to foamAnd now you are done. As you can see this Summer craft project is so easy to make. In just a couple of steps you have a Summer watermelon fan that will help you stay fresh on a hot day.

Summer Watermelon FanI hope this inspired you to create you own Summer fan. Happy crafting!

Summer Watermelon Fan

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