Lets get organized with the help of our Cricut Joy. Today I am going to share 3 types of labels that you can make with your Cricut Joy. These Cricut Joy labels are so easy to make.

Disclosure: Post contains affiliate links, read my full disclosure HERE.3 Types of Labels to Make with Your Cricut Joy

Like always we will start by gathering our supplies.

cricut joy labels suppliesThe next step was to create the labels on Cricut Design Space. For the chalkboard label I just used a circle shape. For the vinyl label I used the text option. And last but not least for the writable label I chose a pantry label image and typed in what I was going to label.

I then began cutting out the labels.cricut joy cutting smart vinyl When it comes to the writable label it will start with the pen first. It will then tell you when to switch it out for the blade. cricut joy cutting writable vinylThe chalkboard label was the easiest to cut out and adhere since it’s just a circle. I didn’t even need to use transfer tape. I also didn’t use transfer tape for the writable label. weed out vinylFor the text vinyl label I did use Cricut transfer tape to adhere it to my glass jar.

For the chalk if you can sharpen it that helps with the writing on the chalkboard label.chalkboard vinyl on jarI think the text vinyl label is my favorite just because of the font lol. I love the heart in place of the O. Such an adorable detail. The font I used is DJ Flirt in Cricut Design Space. cricut joy labelsI hope this post helps inspire you to create your own labels. Having an organized craft space makes crafting so much easier. Happy crafting! cricut joy labels

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