Are you hosting Christmas dinner this year? If yes, well then you need a centerpiece. This Christmas centerpiece is easy to put together and even better that you can add details to customize to your decor.

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The Christmas centerpiece can be used in many places around your house not just on the dinner table. You can make a couple of these and add them to the food table, dessert table, an entey table, pretty much anywhere.

Christmas centerpiece supplies:

gather centerpiece supplies
I started by hot gluing 2 set of 6 blocks across. By the way i used hot glue because I was in a hurry but if you have time and want more lasting results I suggest wood glue.

start by making base. glue blocks together
Next I hot glued the 2 sets on top of each other to create a platform.

glue 2 sets of blocks together
Then I used some gold acrylic paint to paint the platform. I used gold because I had gold glitter words. Obviously you can use whatever paint color you want that will match your decor.

paint the base
While my paint was drying I took the inner hoop of my embroidery hoop and hot glued the glittered words to it.

glue words to the embroidery hoop
After my paint was dry on the platform I again used my hot glue gun to attach the hoop. For me this is where I stopped but when I set it out on my table I added left over decorations around it like tree ornaments. It ties the Christmas decorations together quite nicely.

glue embroidery hoop to baseI hope this Christmas centerpiece tutorial inspired you to create you own Christmas centerpieces for your holiday get together,
How to Make a Christmas Centerpiece

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