Homework Supplies Caddy

Hi everybody, have you all been busy getting ready for back to school? I am almost done with the back to school shopping and this year it is the earliest I have ever been ready lol. Although I am not ready mentally for my boys to go back to school I am excited for us to have some structure back in our lives. One of the things that I decided to incorporate this upcoming school year to make my kids lives easier is a homework supplies caddy. Last year they would take their pencil boxes out of their backpacks and use those supplies to do their homework but occasionally they would forget to put their boxes back in the backpacks. To avoid that from happening I decided to have a designated area at home with the stuff they need.

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How to Make Honey Slime

As a little girl I use to LOVE Winnie the Pooh. I use to have the bed sheets, school supplies, luggage, and even a planner. So when I saw that they were making the Christopher Robin movie I of course got excited and wanted to create a craft that would be inspired by the movie. Besides the amazing quotes that are associated with Winnie the Pooh the next thing you usually think of when you hear that silly ol bears name is honey or as his jar says HUNNY. Right away I thought we should make honey slime, my boys are still excited about the slime craze so I knew this would be a fun craft for them.

DISCLAIMER: This slime is only inspired by the look of honey it is NOT edible. So please to do not let your children eat it!honey slime Read More

Lego Travel Box

My boys love LEGOS and always want to take them everywhere. We’ve spent quite some time in the car this Summer and I knew I had to create something so they could take their LEGOS to keep busy on the road. With the help of Dollar Tree I was able to create a LEGO travel box for each one of my boys on a very small budget.Lego Travel Box Read More

Dinosaur Burlap Napkin Rings

I am so excited to be a part of the Craft Lightning Challenge again this month. For today’s project (which is under 15 minutes by the way) are these awesome dinosaur burlap napkin rings. We saw the movie Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom recently and that is what inspired this lightning fast project.¬†How to Make Dinosaur Burlap Napkin Rings Read More