When I was in elementary school we didn’t go to school year round we use to be in track which meant that I had vacation time in May. So every year we would go to Mexico in May to visit our family that lived there. While visiting our family we would also attend the fiestas that the town would put together. I still remember the beautiful decorations and all the amazing food and desserts. But now those are just beautiful memories and as an adult I never really did anything to create a fiesta of my own until last year. With all the craziness of the pandemic I wanted to celebrate everything even a taco Tuesday so I set up this fiesta tablescape and we celebrated.

Setting up my fiesta tablescape was so easy with the help of Oriental Trading Company. They had everything I needed plus much more. I LOVED everything about this table and the best part it helped remind me of all those beautiful childhood memories of me attending the fiestas in Mexico.

Each table setting included a cute Let’s Fiesta plate, papel picado image napkin, a cup, and a festive paper straw. Then down the center of my table I used a sarape table runner and placed mini pinatas and sombreros on top of it. Something else I placed down the center of the table were some photo props. We all had so much fun taking selfies after we finished eating our delicious tacos.  The photo props down the center of the table were such a hit because they were accessible to all of us, so it was easy to see them, pick them up, play around with them, be silly, and take memorable pictures. 

I hope this fiesta tablescape inspires you to create your very own and celebrate Cinco de Mayo next week or simply a fun taco Tuesday like we did last year. Happy celebrating!!!

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