So excited to share this budget friendly craft with you today. Lately I have been using my laminated sheets in different crafts because they are pretty budget friendly. The other day I saw some left over laminated sheets and they reminded me of acrylic sheets just thinner. I knew that I could make it into a faux acrylic sheet with wood stand that can be used in various settings.

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Supplies (some items are similar to what I used):

Faux Acrylic Sheet with Wood Stand

Directions for the faux acrylic sheet with wood stand:

1.Mix the brown paint with a little water.

paint jenga pieces 2. Paint the jenga pieces and then wipe off the excess paint. The paint and water mix create a sort of stain look on the wood.painted jenga pieces 3. Run an empty laminating sheet through your laminating machine.  4. I cut the laminated sheet down to 4.5 inches x 5.75 inches 5. Hot glue 2 pieces of jenga pieces together. Do this twicehot glue jenga pieces 6. Hot glue a set of jenga pieces to the bottom middle of the faux acrylic glue jenga pieces to laminate sheet 7. Do the same to the other side. Now the faux acrylic sheet is in between the 2 sets of jenga pieces. 7. I used my Cricut Joy to cut out some hearts from the iCraft Easy-Cut Adhesive material.Cricut Joy 8. Add the hearts to the laminated sheet. 9. Place the Laura Kelly Foil Transfer Sheet, Wagon Red over the adhesive. I used my Cricut scraper to make sure the foil transferred.therm-o-web laura kelly foil 10. Pull off the foil sheet to reveal the foiled hearts. Now it is complete. I will put it on my computer desk and be able to see it all the time.Faux Acrylic Sheet with Wood Stand Another way to use this faux acrylic sheet with wood stand is as a note holder. Just hot glue a mini clothespin to the top of the sheet and it’s ready to use. Faux Acrylic Sheet with Wood StandThese can also be used at parties as table numbers or if done smaller as place cards.

Would you use this as a decor piece or as a note holder? If you make one for yourself share with me over on Instagram I would love to see it.Faux Acrylic Sheet with Wood Stand

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